Why don't we start sleepy talk?

You must be tired for your hard work today,
You did tried your best for whole day.
What kind of day do you want to have tomorrow?
“Every day is the same, isn’t it?”
Don’t say that and let’s start sleepy talk.
And imagine a better silly tomorrow.
Let’s have a dream with NEMOPH.


NEMOPH can help you relax before sleeping and refresh you while waking up in the morning.
When you touch its head softly, NEMOPH tells the approximate time,
read bedtime stories and play lullabies to get you into deep sleep.
You can tell NEMOPH when it should wake you up and it will do so with the relaxing sounds.
NEMOPH will also reply you in sleepy manner when you give greetings.



Daydreaming/Active mode

NEMOPH gets activated by hitting its head. NEMOPH responses it by shaking. When you touch its head softly,NEMOPH tells you the approximate time, read bedtime stories and play lullabies.

Telling Time

When you touch NEMOPH’s head, it reports the approximate time. So you do not have to check it with your bright phone screen even in the dark room.

illust:Sleepy Greetings

Sleepy Greetings

After telling the time, NEMOPH will keep listening to you.It will greet you back and answer you if you ask it’s favorite things in sleepy manner. Also, you can sets alarm/timer by telling the designated time.

illust:Magical Stories

Magical Stories

NEMOPH reads out magical stories in soft tones that fits for bedtime.
Don’t worry, it knows a lot of stories!

illust:Relaxing Lullabies

Relaxing Lullabies

NEMOPH can also play lullabies. You can be relaxed with its soft healing music box sounds when you are reading or enjoying relaxing time before going to sleep.

Product video

These videos introduce what NEMOPH can do. Please watch them turning on the sound.

NEMOPH Function*Sentences are Japanese
NEMOPH Stories/Lullabies




Black or White



  • Size

    W17cm D17cm H17cm (approximately)

  • Material

    Faux fur

  • Parts

    Plastic parts, twin servo motors, various censors

  • Power Supply

    Charged by AC adaptor

  • Country of Origin


Expert Opinion

Photo:Ms. Megumi Kaji

One of the most important factors of sleep is to fall asleep smoothly. To achieve that, you have to be relaxed and released from everyday stress. With its adorable appearance, soft bedside lullabies and stories read in its childlike voice, it is expected that NEMOPH has sleep-improving effects.

Sleep Improvement Instructor & Secretary of General Affairs
Sleep Culture Study Group (Specified Nonprofit Corporation)

Ms. Megumi Kaji



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LINE stickers available

LINE stickers sample

Our sleeping buddy NEMOPH

Why don't we start sleepy talk? Our sleeping buddy NEMOPH is now available on LINE stickers! Please also check out its comfy posts on Twitter & Instagram.

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